Wednesday, 23 February 2011


4. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

To help with my research I looked into other similar music videos with the use of youtube, I then analysis the music video to narrow down the codes and conventions they used, after looking into the music video I then looked into the artist using wikipedia I looked at Gwen Stefani as I found she had similar styles to Lucy Star. I did a case study on Robbie Williams as he is well known across the UK to different age groups this was at the start of this project, I also researched into JLS as they had worked their way up from x factor although they didn't win this was similar to Lucy Star as she went on to the x factor but was knocked out at the judges houses.

I looked into Music Directors and did a case study on Sophie Muller using the internet to present it i did a slide show to put this on to my blog I had to then upload it onto slide share. In order for us to have created a good music video I researched into the codes and conventions of a music video and the theory of Andrew Godwin. Knowing that Lucy Star was signed up to rough trade I decided to do some research to look into their style and the artist that are signed up with them too. To make a good digipak I looked at digpak's though the internet and also by going into my local hmv shop I then used a digipak from an artist and anaylsised it

When planning for my music video I started to write journals about what we did in each lessons from the idea to the filming and editing process. As a group we had to firstly discuss what target audience we was aiming for to do this we used prezi and then uploaded them onto our blogs, we created a mood board that allowed us to use images to show the idea and costumes that we were going to use this looked good as we made this together and used images off the internet. After creating our storyboards we created an animatic that showed a moving image of our storyboard, when we had to change our idea we created another pitch using powerpoint.

The production part of this project was the most challenging as we had to change the idea again and again, we also found it difficult to arrange a day that everybody called do as other people have commitments outside school. However it was the most challenging part but also the most fun as we could relax and have fun filming, filming was good as we kept thinking up new shots that we could use, while performing we had an ipod planning the song out loud as this encouraged us and made us have more fun. Thinking of an location to use was not as hard as i fought it was we all decided to use the costume room as this was the style and image we wanted for Lucy Star, we used one of our houses as it was easier and available.
For the lip sync Lauren put her laptop and we put a karaoke version of Girl Just Wanna Have Fun on this made it easier for myself to follow the words and get them right as I was playing Lucy Star.

When we began to edit we used iMovie first of all for a rough cut to make sure we had got the right footage and it looked okay. Myself, Lauren and Jade had all been showed how to roughly use final cut pro from our other lesson, as a group we showed Kathryn what we knew so that we all knew the same and it was fair for us all. When using Final cut pro we found it easy after we had got use to it all, to create a spilt screen we went onto youtube to follow a video that talked us though what to do this made it a lot easier. We got the same of youtube and converted into into itunes.

For creating the Digipak and the poster I used photoshop to create the effects for the images, to get the font I used I got it off dafont this is a site that allows us to use different fonts. I found that by digipak and poster looked okay but could have looked better and more professional.

Overall I feel that the finished music video looked and worked well the theme and style that we wanted came across and I am happy with the finishing product, I feel however that my digipak and poster could have been alot better and looked more professional I feel that I spent to much time working on the music video compared to my digipak and poster. I enjoyed working in a group as we all worked together well.


3. What have you learned from your audience feedback?

From the Audience feedback we recieved from the first attemped of our music video they told us that the editing was too long and we didnt have a variable amount of different shots, they also didnt think the idea came across clearly so from this we decieded to re-shoot, although we different want to carry on doing the same idea as before we argeed to change the idea to a more simply and different idea. When pitching our new idea our media class told us that it would be better than the orginally idea they also fought it would look alot better changing the actor of Lucy Star as it was not believeable in the first attempt. While editing the final video we continuous showed what we had done to other students and teachers they told us that it looked good and worked well so we continued to edit in the way we had. We showed it to our teacher who gave us the feedback that they was too much of the costume scene then the sleepover scene and that we should add in more of Lucy Star singing so we went back and changed these to improve the video.
Once we had completed it we watched it over and over and we all fought it looked good, Kathryn loaded it onto youtube and we got different people to watch it. At home I got my mum and dad to watch it and to give me feedback on what they fought both of them fought it looked good and worked well they enjoyed it and said it was fast and enjoyable to watch.
The feedback on my digipak and poster was that I should use the same font and image in both so I went back to photoshop and made it the same, the biggest feedback I have got from my digipak and poster was that although it looks good and shows the personality of Lucy Star I should have used a different colour background rather than keeping it just plain white.


2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

We had to make a digipak and a poster that was the similar to the music video, when making my digipak and my poster I used photoshop as I had previously used this in the past, we were all given a template which we could use to design our digipak. For my font I used a fun girly font to match with the theme of the music video I used the same font on my digipak as on my poster to show that they were the same person and the theme that I was trying to get across was the same. The image I used was taken from when we filmed the image this shows the fun and theme of our music video, to make the image more fun I cartooned it so it looked different I also carried on using a crown to show Lucy Star's personality. I think that my music video and my digipak and poster work together and appeal to the same target audience, I think the target audience was girls aged 14-25.


1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

As a group when we received the briefs we wanted to do a fun and happy song, so when we saw the song 'girls just wanna have fun' this was perfect for the theme we all wanted to do, as a group we all had different interpretations of what to do this presented us with the first challenge to narrow down the ideas we all had. To construct a music video there is codes and conventions to follow to make the finishing product. Depending on what genre the music video is the codes and conventions are different, listening to our song we knew that our music video would have to be fast and upbeat we also knew that we would need different shots and quick and short edit cuts.

As our first try at the music video different have different shots or short cuts this is why we had to re-shoot also the idea in the first video didnt come across to the audience. We had to change the idea to make it easier and simpler to shoot and edit. The second try at the music video was alot better we used different shots such as close-ups of Lucy Star to emphasis that she is the main character, Long shots of the girls dancing this shows the fun the girls are having which links into the song. Mise-en-scene for the location we used a bedroom which had pink walls, we also used a costume room to represent a charity shop this was to show that Lucy Star different follow the fashion or trends of today. Editing we had fast and short cuts to show the upbeat and fun the girls are having, we used a slipt screen to show the girls getting ready and having fun, apart of this we also used slow motion to slow down the dancing and the girls falling on the bed. However looking at the theory by Andrew Goodwin we see that it says we are made to look upon women in a voyeuristic way, but we have not included that notion of 'looking' within the video for Lucy Star as our artist is not someone to be looked upon in that sense of way, as a group we wanted her to show that girls can be theirselves and not try to be anyone else.

I think that in some aspects our music video follows the codes and conventions of a music video by the camera work and editing, However I also think it challenges the codes and conventions by not showing Lucy Star in a sexual way for men and by only showing the girls having fun and enjoying themselves.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Finshed Music Video!


Digipak Finshed!!

This is my finshed Digipak, I think the photo used puts across the personality of Lucy Star, I also think the crown used shows the funness of Lucy Star and also her personality again. If I could re-do my Digipak I would use brighter colours rather than using just a white background.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Poster completed finshed

This is my finished poster design, I used the same photo and font that I used in my Digipak, I found creating a poster a lot easier than the Digipak, yet again if I could change something I would put a different colour background on it rather than just the white background.